A Quick Look at AlliHoopa and Music Collaboration Sites in 2018

A Quick Look at AlliHoopa and Music Collaboration Sites in 2018

This week, one of the pieces I published via The Murfreesboro Pulse made its splash in internet land, as well as the monthly print.

Here’s a track from the album. For the full review of this killer record venture here.


The article is another album review, but this time I reviewed a collaborative album written by Puerto Rican artist, Piri Nico, featuring Kenny Mc. Kenny is a local producer from Middle Tennessee who helped Piri Nico make the record. The duo communicated and traded creative ideas over an online music collaboration platform, Allihoopa. Keep in mind, both artists had to communicate with the help of Google Translate due to the language barrier.

To sum it up, it’s a well-made urban latino album. The latin club music scene is growing, and it’s flattering to hear good sounds coming from my area.

More importantly, this is a great example of how these creative music platforms are bridging gaps and providing a level field for musicians and producers to share ideas. It’s exciting, and it’s opening up new opportunities for the entire industry; hopefully it doesn’t open any trap doors.

Allihoopa | Uniting Everyone Doing Music Together


Allihoopa represents a beautiful thing. A vocalist in Brazil can make music with a producer from Italy. A Canadian rapper can spit over a pop track from Korea. Above all, Allihoopa allows music professionals to build their network in a fun, creative manner. In my eyes, Allihoopa is a window into a new style of professional networking in the music industry. Unlike sharing and curation sites like SoundCloud, Allihoopa takes it a few steps further and encourages collaboration and sharing.

Allihoopa is a medium with features like a 7-headed hydra. It’s a social network that walks like Pinterest, smells like SoundCloud, and has potential to become a LinkedIn for music artists worldwide. The trendy music platform isn’t the only one of its kind, however.

Here is a short list of the top music collaboration sites on the rise:

It’s an exciting time to take advantage of the networks available for making connections with other music professionals; producers, engineers, and artists of all kinds use these sites. For those of you just getting started, I highly recommend joining one of the sites above. They all have different quirks about them, so you’ll have to do some research on each one before you pick your poison.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Twelve Twenty One by Piri Nico feat. Kenny Mc, available on Spotify and Apple Music.