Epic Lineup Coming to Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival 2018 – Franklin, TN

Epic Lineup Coming to Pilgrimage Music Festival

Tennessee Fest Life is The Best Life


The Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival is coming back to Franklin, TN later this month. It’s a young music festival here in Tennessee. Within just a few short years, the organizers have improved on their live event craft, creating an atmosphere that feels unique to Tennessee.

Coming up on September 22nd and 23rd, the festival is back again a stellar lineup. Some of the headliners include Jack White, Lionel Richie, Chris Stapleton, and Hozier.

I actually enjoyed the pleasure of volunteering the first year of Pilgrimage. That year I got to see Weezer and Cage The Elephant, while Nora Jones could be heard off at another stage. When I wasn’t working the ticket booth, I was getting the first taste of Pilgrimage. Honestly, the festival was a great success in my eyes, considering it was the first installment.

A number of years ago, I attended Jazz Fest in New Orleans; it’s another fantastic music fest to see if you haven’t. That year Foo Fighters and The Eagles drew quite the crowd. Most notably, I saw Better Than Ezra. Fast-forward 5-6 years, and the frontman of Better Than Ezra, Kevin Griffin, is pulling the strings behind Pilgrimage. Kevin Griffin got really inspired by the late-summers in Tennessee. Franklin neighbors Nashville, so the location is ideal for bands and artists who are really active in Music City.

Tennessee is a fertile ground for festival life. The entire planet flocks to Bonnaroo in Manchester every summer, which is just a couple of hours away from Franklin at most. Then, of course, Nashville is home to several venues and smaller local festivals. The city organizes a freebie called Live On The Green every year, and the fest sports a solid lineup; not bad for a free evening in Music City.

As scattered as I might sound, I’m really just scratching the surface in a stream-of-consciousness sort of way. Tennessee has great potential and everyday musicians are lining up on the corner of Music Row. Fans are following the breadcrumbs. Artists are spelling their names out in the Nashville Skyline. Artists feed on every opportunity to climb the ladder, and there’s plenty of limbs to gorge on in Nashville, hot chicken joints aside.

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