Sinnober Discusses Songwriting, Creative Habits, and “Angels of Fire and Snow”

Sinnober Discusses Songwriting, Creative Habits, and "Angels of Fire and Snow"

Two Story Melody featured Sinnober in my most recent contribution to their songwriting blog. To revisit, Two Story Melody is a blog devoted to unraveling the stories behind songs. Our interview with Sebastian and Natalie Brice allowed us to learn more about their songwriting approaches. They also explained what they value and enjoy about writing songs.

“Angels of Fire and Snow” has a very ominous vibe to it. Can you elaborate on the theme?

Natalie: The title was inspired by the Bahá’i writings. I had just been on a weekend retreat and one of the workshops was about near death experiences. Death isn’t something we openly embrace in Western culture, yet it is such a vital part of our human experience. For me, this song is about glimpsing the mystical in the everyday.

Sebastian: It’s also about the mind-made limitations we place on ourselves and how there’s often a sense of holding back and waiting for the right moment, when really what we need to do is jump in.

Read the full review and conversation here, via Two Story Melody

Sinnober has a new album called Projection coming October 1st.

“Angels of Fire and Snow”

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