Good Words from Pulse Publisher, Bracken Mayo

It’s always nice to get a nod when you’re doing something right. In the coming months, I’m going to continue my work with The Murfreesboro Pulse. Every month, I deliver honest, life-like album reviews, spotlights, and event coverage for musicians, artists, and organizers in the Middle TN area. Best of all, I truly love doing it.

My work doesn’t stop at The Pulse though. Every week, expect some occasional reblogging of some of my Two Story Melody articles. It’s a great blog for songwriters and people who like music, poetry, and the like. I like throwing some of my TSM submissions up on my blog, because I like what they do. Check them out.

As always, I’m open-eared and open-minded, so send some music and good news my way. Artists, labels, venues: if you have any good news you’re trying to get out, contact me. You can check out what I offer here.


Jordan Hall possesses a great passion for music, and a desire to continue to learn more and more about journalism, media, culture and freelance writing opportunities and techniques. He has shown he is willing to improve and polish his writing and I am sure he will continue to develop his craft. I am glad to have him involved in the Murfreesboro Pulse and am excited about what he can contribute to the upcoming editions of the Pulse.

Bracken Mayo
Murfreesboro Pulse