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Nielson Music Reports a 970 Percent Increase in Mac Miller’s On-Demand Streams

According to Nielson Music, Mac Miller's streams (music and video) have increased 970 percent since his passing last Friday.

Here’s the latest tweet from Billboard on Mac Miller since his passing.


Several artists are paying respects to the alternative rap guru, Mac Miller. Last Saturday, Childish Gambino tossed up a tribute confessing, “He was the sweetest guy”. J Cole followed suit, dedicating his whole Las Vegas show to Mac Miller.


The entire industry took a loss. It’s no question that Mac Miller’s death struck everyone unexpectedly. What really makes heads spin is the rapid climb in streams, according to the information Billboard sourced from Nielson.

I don’t use statistics often. When I do, I try opening discussions instead of closing arguments.

On Sept. 7, the hip-hop star’s catalog of songs earned 32.5 million streams (audio and video combined), up from 3.04 million on Sept. 6.

– (@billboard)

Mac Miller occupies a new role in the now. He carried himself through cobwebs of mixed feedback from the rap community, and he still set an example in his own way, remaining authentic despite the usual clout jabbing from all sides. We live in an age where you can measure how close an artist comes to grabbing a star, and although I tend to ignore the charts, it’s worth noting the attention Mac Miller is getting.

Mac Miller’s death is leaving just as much residue as Eminem’s Kamikaze. The unfortunate passing made a huge ripple in the charts that could carry over into the coming weeks, shuffling up the boards for the rest of September.

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