Changing the Way People Think About Music One Word at a Time

Occasionally I like to share my content on to connect with publications and writers. Recently, a fellow Medium writer mentioned my article about flipping samples in hip-hop production and how it makes him think about music he’s been listening too lately. Read Joshua’s full article here.

I’ve been hooked on the remixes of Jamie xx; the production and instrumentalist wizard of an indie pop band the xx. The way he melds sounds together, and stacks music samples from obscure places are mind-boggling, to say the least. I can scarcely tell when one sound ends and another sometimes begins; almost like listening to the records of DJ Shadow.

Music journalist Jordan Hall describes how such a production technique is achieved primarily in hip-hop instrumentals.

“Imagine cutting strips of the Mona Lisa apart with a scalpel and gluing it back together to resemble your own rendition of a Banksy sculpture.”

Some may consider this sacrilege, but isn’t this what creativity is all about?

Huge thanks to Joshua! In the meantime, feel free to read Sampling 101 | The Basics of Flipping Samples for Hip-Hop Production. 

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