Simple Tips on How to Establish Authenticity and Authority as a Music Artist


Really think about how many notifications and messages you get from music artists, especially if you live in an overwhelming proximity of self-managed singer/songwriters.

Don’t you find it odd and counter-productive that a sizable portion of them all use the word “music” after their names?

Jon Doe invited you to the page, Jon Doe Music.

Not every artist is guilty of using poor strategies, but several upcoming artists are struggling to establish unique images of themselves. Worst of all, everyone is doing it. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s important to be a realist if you’re trying to manage a professional music career.

Avoid Generic Branding and Promotion Tactics

The music industry is flooded with too much of the same thing, and everyone is trying to fit through the narrow, twisted bottleneck alongside artists riding on the same train. Even worse, they’re all trying to spin too many plates on their own. This sort of multitasking and tunnel-minded journey towards the mirage makes it harder to break into a professional music career successfully. Above all, the juggle to manage every area of a music career is incredibly difficult and interferes with the focus of being writing music.

Everyone is making music.

Everyone has a home studio.

Everyone is reaching on their toes for the same cookie jar.

Jane Doe invited you to Jane Doe Music

Yes, there’s way more than one. How do you keep yourself from falling into this?

Show Us Something New



Get ready to become a songwriting machine bred from an entirely new speciesIf an artist wants to sell creativity then the first thing they need to do is express it. People aren’t going to swoon over a nice cover photo. If an artist can express who they are through music, then they can make the crowd bend over backward, like their page, and possibly take your latest record home.

Express it through who you are, not what you are trying to be.

Don’t Spam

The most harmful thing an aspiring artist could do to their brand is sending multiple invites across social media.

Think about it. You wouldn’t invite someone to an event in person twice if they said “no” the first time. It makes artists look equally desperate as if they asked twice in person. From a follower’s perspective, we get the idea that artists care less about their music and more about their popularity online.

Instead, it’ll help to host a real conversation with people about who you are as an artist.

Be social!

Write a Stellar Bio



The About Me section of any artist profile is the chance to provide supplemental insight into who you are. Avoid this:

Jon Doe

Singer/songwriter who does “x, y, and also z”. 22. CA, United States. New album out now. Cop it @ bandcamp/jondoemuzik (because jondoemusic was already taken).

Very exciting. 

Instead, create a bio that offers your followers a clear, transparent glimpse into who you are as a person. Showing your fans who you are outside of the studio is a great chance to connect. Again, avoid generic approaches! This is the chance to open up and elaborate on your personality and background.

Not the strongest writer? Hire a professional writer who understands what type of angles catch fire in the music industry. I’m available for hire 🙂

A professionally written bio is one of the first steps to building a strong image.

Show followers that you’re focused on sharing artistry instead of selling it.

Create the Perception


Most major artists don’t need to clarify that they make music. They just do it and let their music speak the rest. Create the same perception, and avoid generic labels. We want experiences, not clarification and footnotes. Transparency is a good thing when you shed light on the right details, not the obvious ones.

Artists should be wary of generic labels and approaches to branding and self-promotion. Establish strong bases, and work far outside of the toolbox that every other songwriter operates with. This help leads you towards building a strong, loyal following.

Every artist is unique in one way or another! It needs to be shown through genuine artistry, and we’re all dying to see it.