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Stumbling Across a Jazzy Electronic Masterpiece | Kitchen by Sterfry

Sometimes masterpieces come from the most unusual places. Read my review about Sterfry's most recent album, "Kitchen"

As a music critic, I submit a couple of album reviews to the local paper every month. For October, I had the pleasure of reviewing Kitchen by Sterfry, an experimental producer who uses jazz and electronica to blow minds essentially.

Kitchen is a masterpiece. Here’s my favorite track.



Producer Sterling Scott, a.k.a. Sterfry, stormed out of the gate with his album, Kitchen, this past July. The album is constructed from experimental jazz colliding against an electronic cascade of sound. Kitchen is a particular gem that shimmers with uncommon oddities sprinkled all over. Sterfry meticulously created an unforgettable electronic album that fuses jazz, hip-hop, trance and lo-fi into exotic soundscapes.

Sterfry’s fusion electronica sounds a lot like Tipper’s articulate style paired with Flying Lotus’ cosmic jazz, while staying true to his own unique recipes. It’s easy to get lost in the crazy progression of the album. The melodies are all over the place. Choruses are nowhere to be found, with the exception of “Avalanche.” Rhythmically, there is a lot of scattered variance. This is a predominantly instrumental album without defined musical boundaries. A dash of open-mindedness goes a long way.

Kitchen flowers into an otherworldly, transformative presentation of Sterfry’s next-level composition skills. This vibrant piece of work is a landmark album with quality sound design and sonic precision.

Here’s the full review

If you thrive on EDM and avant garde music, Kitchen is for you.

Kitchen is available to purchase and download at sterfry.bandcamp.com

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