My New Series Will Feature Women in the Recording Industry


I’m really excited to kick off a short mini-series of blog posts that’ll feature a lineup of professional women in the recording industry. Lately, I’ve been busy making connections and interviewing candidates to feature in the series.

Women only make up 5% of the recording industry. Although times have certainly changed, we still see women steering away from audio engineering roles traditionally held by men. There are several reasons and possibilities to explore, and I’m sure my guests will explore many of them in detail; however, I’m choosing to focus on what women are doing right instead of what society is doing wrong.

I can sit and mindlessly scope out statistics to make my point, or I can offer my readership something of value.

I choose the latter.

I’d rather not sulk over the negatives. It’s been done before, and there’s not anything to learn from negativity. Instead, I’m going to just talk about what’s good. There may not be a big community of women in audio, but the ones who are getting ahead are killing it, and they deserve to be recognized.

I truly hope that someone finds the series inspiring.

Stay tuned to read the first post of the series, coming very soon!