“Keep Calm and Enjoy Your Work” | Words of Wisdom from Pulse Editor, Bracken Mayo

I like to write and post guides and tutorials about audio production, but sometimes we need a quick reminder of how to enjoy the work for what it is. Here’s a quick little read from my editor at The Murfreesboro Pulse:




I hope thankfulness and joy fill your lives.

Most of us direct a large portion of our time, energy and concern towards finances, going to work, making sales, budgeting, trying to make money—and save money—acquiring things, paying for things and finding a deal on things. That’s okay. An effort to take care of your household is a noble aim.

Each day, block out a little bit of downtime, some fun time, some relaxing time, some family time and some personal time, too.

Breathe deep and stretch it out, make sure your limited time goes towards achieving your goals and bettering yourself and your community.

Sometimes one can find joy and satisfaction even in repetitive or difficult work-related tasks—keep in mind, you do it to make a better future for your family, and to produce a meaningful product for your clients and supporters.

Whether you’re a writer, artist, craftsman, chef, designer, choreographer, musician, or athlete, respect your craft and do it well, but don’t be afraid to put things down and enjoy your life.

This advice comes from a journalist who is an utter work-a-holic and forgets how to put the pen away from time to time.