“Glorious” by Dirt Farmer Blends Americana and Electronic Pop | Two Story Melody

Another review for the books! I’ve been crazy busy for the past few weeks, getting things ready for the launch of my new series, “Women of the Waveform”. Still, I’m paying my dues and pulling myself through the paces of being a freelance writer.

Earlier this week, I ran a review via Two Story Melody about a Canadian band named Dirt Farmer.


Here’s a little cut of the read:

“Glorious” by Dirt Farmer is a sunny indie tune lead by lazy vocals that have a “take it or leave it” demeanor. The rough, frosty grunge aftertaste cleans itself up around the edges of the chorus, thanks to a bright drum kit and plenty of upbeat grooves. The song’s mellow California texture is replicated more than I can count, but it doesn’t mean “Glorious” isn’t worth the time. We think you might consider tossing this one somewhere in your playlist rotation. “Glorious” is a track from their most recent album, Canadian Sugar. 

Check out the full read here: https://twostorymelody.com/glorious-by-dirt-farmer-blends-americana-and-electronica/

I gotta give Two Story Melody another “thanks” for the great opportunity to review new music every week!