Thom Yorke Releases “Volk” from Upcoming Suspiria Soundtrack


Thom Yorke released “Volk”, a new track from the upcoming remake of the 1977 horror film, Suspiria. The film and the album are both set to drop on October 26th. For horror film devotees, it marks the second coming of a unsettling, yet beloved, cult classic. If you’re a fan of Thom Yorke’s work, you have reason to be just as excited as I am.

“Volk” is a spiral staircase full of unsettling synths that cycle on repeat. Underneath it all, a faint pulsation mimics the soft drone of a heartbeat. Strings rise and tumble down corridors that vanish and reappear in the most disturbing formations. It’s quite an experience.

Here’s a little snippet from an interview Thom Yorke did with Billboard:

“Do you believe in the supernatural?”

Well in terms of the film, I think there is a collective thing that can happen between people where they create an energy through performance or dance or art or theatre which is perhaps more powerful than we think, sometimes. And then there is a form of madness that goes with it. A lot of the things that [Suspiria character] Lutz [Ebersdorf] was saying, is that. And that’s stuff I definitely agree with. And I think after years and years of making records and so on, I think when you make a record, what you are looking for is not the nuts and bolts in it. There is something extra when you record that goes on to the tape, or onto the computer, there is something more going on. And you spend your time looking for that. And I think you are trying to go beyond your everyday moment, your everyday thing, you are going beyond it.

For example if you work in a dance troupe, you are trying to create, I assume, you are trying to go beyond your physical body, beyond these things. I think that’s valid, where believing in ghosts, that’s another thing completely.

You can check out the full read here: Thom Yorke on Why He Was Scared to Tackle the ‘Suspiria’ Soundtrack — And Why He’ll Never Stop Touring

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