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Female Performers Get Just 5% of Country Music Consumption, According to

With my the recent kick-start of my series, “Women of the Waveform”, I thought this post by would be an interesting supplement, especially when we consider women’s position the current sociopolitical climate.

According to their post, female performers get a strikingly low percentage of country music consumption. My research into this topic is still ongoing, but I’m continuing to find myself surprised by the numbers and what people have to say about it.

Beverly Keel, MTSU’s recording industry department chair, recently came forward with this quote:

“It’s an embarrassment to country music and a disservice to the girls and young women who listen to country radio, because their stories are not being told there,” says Beverly Keel, chair of Middle Tennessee State University’s Department of Recording Industry and co-founder of Change the Conversation, dedicated to righting the wrong told Variety.  “And with what’s going on in society now, we need to share voices and words and stories of women more than ever.”

To check out the full read, visit this link.

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