Big Page Hits in October!


I just wanted to send a quick little ‘thank you’ to those of you who’ve been following the blog and keeping up with my soapbox escapades about music. October has been a fantastic month, and for some reason, I’m sad to watch it go.

Check out the progression of traffic over the past few months!

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Here are a few notes for what’s coming next month.

Women of the Waveform Interview Series

I’m still at work hunting and interviewing candidates for the Women of the Waveform interview series. My first installment featuring Jill Courtney was a glorious success, and I’m really thankful for Jill’s work and readers who took interest in what she had to say.

At the moment, I’m trying to piece together the second installment and track down potential interviewees for the third. If you have any recommendations, never hesitate to contact me with the details.

Music Submissions

I’ve received a bunch of submissions from artists all over the map! I appreciate everyone’s interest. There is still a sliver of time left if you’d like to try to make my Top 5 list for November. I will announce the Top 5 during the first week of November. The deadline is November 1st. Also, keep in mind that each ranking artist will receive their own featured article that will be published during the month of November. Artists who make the list will forever own a spot on the “Featured Artists” page, which is still under ‘web construction’.

To submit music for review, visit the Submissions page.

Final Words

Things are going well. I’m a broke writer trying to make ends meet, but I don’t plan on throwing in the pen anytime soon. I’m really happy and pleased with the great feedback I’ve received from readers. I honestly wouldn’t be able to continue building my blog without a readership, no matter how big or small.

As always, if there are any questions are comments, “reply” below or use the contact form to get in touch.

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