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The Monthly Music Submission Deadline is Upon Us!

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I haven’t had much time to blog this week, so I figured I’d pop an update post in.

It’s been such an amazing month for this blog, and it’s all thanks to the artists and readers who’ve contributed to its growth.

As October fades shut, November rolls around, which means the first run of my monthly artist showcase comes with it. I received dozens of submissions to sift through, and it took a long (long) time to listen to everything and reach a decision on who to feature in November. I’m excited to kick off the first installment by showcasing five really talented artists. This is a mutual opportunity to showcase artists while giving my readership some fresh music to try on for size.

I had a great time over the last few weeks working on this blog! It’s been tough, no lie, but all of the positive feedback gives me hope for the future.

Thanks for reading. The featured artists will be posted next week!

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