Motaz Means “Proud”

Motaz, a multi-talented R&B artist on the rise, released his most recent single, “This Time Around”, earlier this month. Motaz is a smooth collision of pop and R&B, but he carries a swiss-army knife of musical influences. Over the years, he soaked up a variety of styles like a sponge immersed in a mixture of rock, blues, R&B, pop, soul, and punk. 


“My goal with music is to go all the way. That’s what it has been since day one.”


Motaz, whose name is Arabic for “proud”, traveled to San Diego by way of Portland to chase after his own slice of the dream, which falls somewhere between superstar and family man. He belongs to a class of musicians who prefer to leave the business at the door. “I miss the days when it was just about music,” Motaz says. Regardless, he’s working towards bigger things. Motaz aspires to start his own artist management company and “see the world, one stage at a time.”

A 6th grader’s itch to play drums transformed into a lifelong passion powered by a supply of multiple influences that stretches from John Mayer to Michael Jackson to Jeff Buckley. Several more music artists fill in the gaps. Along the way, Motaz became a student outside of the classroom, picking up instruments carried by the artists he looked up to. 

Motaz started on drums. He recalls practicing over Michael Jackson and various others on tape. Turning cassette spools became routine. He skipped time along his mother’s tape collection, scattered across the carpet like checkered hopscotch. This stepping stone continues to guide Motaz to this day. 


Kadupul is his personal therapy session, so stretch out and get comfortable. Motaz can set a mood. At times I think of late 90s soul, and other times I get notes The Weeknd battling with Usher, Brian McKnight, and a few others. The album changes like a chameleon, but that’s part of the charm. Motaz told me that he loves the idea of producing a revolving door of different styles in the form of multiple genre-specific EPs; all of this and more. On the burner, Motaz anticipates future releases and watching the stage curtains draw. 

“This Time Around (Prod. Mykal Riley)

Check out his most recent release, “This Time Around” and visit him at

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