Pipo Fernandez – “Breakfast in Bed”


Songwriting and producing are the two hats Pipo Fernandez rocks from his wardrobe, which grows in size with every release. A quick glance at his resume will probably raise a few eyebrows, but the real shock-and-awe comes from his clever wordplay. Wake up to your favorite morning playlist and spin “Breakfast in Bed” into the rotation; just don’t forget the coffee and headphones. 

“Breakfast in Bed”

Pipo Fernandez

First, let’s fetch a magnifying glass and trace his footsteps back to the blueprint of his career. Pipo Fernandez is a triple threat from the Philippines who began writing original music at the age of 15. Up until then, he continuously expanded his musical vocabulary by learning new instruments. He eventually relocated to the US, graduated from Berklee College of Music, and skipped over to NYC. The Practice Worldwide is the publishing company he calls home, but his work reaches far past the front yard.

Pipo’s song credits are riveted into various media including Disney, Netflix, Viacom, Descendants 3, and more. He began releasing music through Social Turtle at the beginning of 2018. Pipo hit the scene with the debut single, “Brickz”. After getting picked up by United Masters, more of his music followed suit. Brian King Joseph (America’s Got Talent) is featured on his Pipo’s song, “Strings”. 

“I came up with ‘Strings’ while I was in Berklee College pulling an all-nighter and ended up spending the whole night putting together this track rather than doing my class project,” he said. “I began with some simple chords on guitar which I arranged for string orchestra and, at that point, the idea came to me to use strings as the song’s focal point.” 



Pipo Fernandez is working his way through the trenches, releasing hits faster than the sun falls. Keep watch for 2019, and make sure to follow Pipo to stay in the loop! 

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