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I hope everyone is doing well.

Personally, the holidays have my hands tied and my brain matter exhausted, which is why the content will be lower in volume (no pun intended). 

Two Story Melody has been sending me some really interesting tunes to review. Last week I reviewed a snazzy little acoustic song by Liv Summer. 

‘Warm’ and ‘tender’ are twin descriptions that walk hand in hand. They’re the key ingredients used in Liv Summer’s song, “Growing Older”. The singer/songwriter writes music that floats well over coffee shops and cafe tables. Pick up a pen and a blank page, and let your mind float with it.

“Growing Older” is an easy-going acoustic track graced with the elegance of her intimate vocals. An image of Liv Summer’s persona lives between the corridors of her lyrics. She touches on personal stories and experiences that have an ‘everyman’ appeal. This song confronts the question of whether or not to “hold on” or “let go”.

To read the full interview, visit this link: 

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