ZUG Wrecks Middle TN and Beyond


It feels good to be back.

After a long holiday break, 2019 is here, which means I have to pick up where I left off. I was hoping to blaze out of the gate with a bang, but it’s a whole lot harder than I thought!

Happy New Year by the way.

Back to bigger things . Let’s start with ZUG.

Murfreesboro has a lot to offer to those music-heads looking for great indie bands. A unique underground music scene has grown around the street lamps of Murfreesboro like kudzu. With Nashville looming over the horizon, inspiration floats downstream by the pound.

There is a really hot alternative rock back making some sweet noise here in Middle Tennessee. They’re a band carved from a pair of brothers from Lancaster, PA – the Zug brothers. Alex and Jacob Zug traverse the local scene, battling through the waves alongside Nashville bassist, Josh Dixon. The trio plays a big role in the house show circuit in Murfreesboro, TN, but they also operate under a post-production LLC called ZUG Productions.

The guys have a debut LP in progress, but I highly encourage everyone to sample their most recent release, Crash, which is an EP that boasts a big sound with just four tracks. When describing ZUG, I find it hard because they can make mountains out of any sub genre related to rock n’ roll.

Below is a snippet from The Murfreesboro Pulse.

The heart of ZUG bleeds classic rock, but their sound evolves like a tumbling kaleidoscope. Crash includes four satisfying tracks cut from pure rock ’n’ roll. Beyond alternative rock, ZUG experiments with many other styles, which is also reflection of versatile songwriting skills. It takes confidence and a good ear to create music from fragments of other genres, and ZUG mixes subtle pieces of various styles.

In 2017, the music video for “One” broke the barrier, and since then the band has gained a Middle Tennessee following. Aside from playing live shows, ZUG also has a debut LP set in the distant future.