A Step Beyond the Nashville Skyline, Featuring the Cosmic Collective


Dim the lights and prepare to get soaked in a downpour of moody interstellar droplets of space-age jazz. The Cosmic Collective is more than a jazz band; They’re an experience that makes stargazing feel like a trial run.

Meet the Makers

Nikki Elias – vocals

Devante’ Bruford – saxophone

Tyler Enslow – bass

Ashton Kimbrough – keys

Kasey Walker – trumpet

Nico Medina – drums

The group got started in the halls of MTSU, a university that many musicians have called home at some point in their careers. Talent spills over the edges of Middle Tennessee and flows towards the Greater Nashville area, a music mecca lined with venues that the Cosmic Collective frequents quite often. The group got caught in the water supply, and now we can’t get enough of their fun style of melodic jazz. No matter where you catch a show, their spellbinding energy will always follow you home at the end of the night.

The Cosmic Collective blends jazz, funk, and R&B into something beautifully hypnotic and complex while keeping a life line attached to the forerunners of jazz. Their arrangements spiral off into every direction and morph into groovy rhythmic and melodic shapes. They’ll keep your head glued to the beat, no matter how wild the ride gets.

A couple of nights ago, I stumbled out of Rudy’s Jazz Club holstering a fever in my jacket pocket.

Under those lights so much unfolded in such a small place. Everything breaks past the perimeter of the stage and weaves itself into your brain chemistry. Have fun the morning after. An audible collage of Devante Buford’s saxophone solos will pair well with your morning coffee.

I usually take mine black, but yesterday morning I kept seeing stars staring back at me from the bottom of the mug.

Check out this clip of “Reaching Out” performed live.

See what I’m getting at?

Murfreesboro Pulse, May 2018 Edition

“Having fun together and doing what we love is what makes this project work and keeps us coming back to create something beautiful.”

Nikki Elias, featured in The ‘Boro Pulse

I usually crank out in-depth album reviews, but The Boro Pulse already has Abstract Notions covered really well. You can check it out here.

I highly recommend it. You can get grab a physical copy at any of their shows. Or, Enslow jokes, you can just use the internet.

I dig the stage humor, but I jumped and bought a copy.

I’m someone who you might find marching down Music Row shamelessly waving a “pro-ownership” flag. Believe me, I’d find a way to push for better legislative efforts for musicians if I had the time. Instead, I chill on this blog and write about whatever goods I can wrap my earbuds around. The Cosmic Collective fits the template.

If you’re looking for a great live experience, pay the Cosmic Collective a visit at one of their upcoming shows. Visit any of the links below to pick up the trail.