Goosehonk – Live on WMTS 88.3

“Nashville-based country band Goosehonk was created in the fall of 2017 by songwriters Chandler Brown and Turner Golden Binkley III. By combining deep pockets with clever hooks, the group delivers a modern twist to a familiar sound. Goosehonk’s debut album will be released [this year].” –

Goosehonk is what they call “real Nashville country”. The duo plays with the pieces that make Nashville country ring true. It’s been in a ghost in the background for generations, but Goosehonk is here to dust off the cobwebs and pull it to the center of the conversation.

“Goosehonk is the best live band I’ve seen in years. Keep honking, y’all.”

— Chad, Breaker’s Live – Columbia, SC 09.22.2018

“These guys give me hope for the future of country music.”

— Terry, Private Event – Bristol, TN