From the Pulse: The Jackillacs – Many Hats

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Many Hats

Wild Bill See, Joshua F. Smith and Savannah Wheatley are the Jackillacs. Their recently released sophomore album, Many Hats, stands on a hilltop where blues, country and garage-rock cross paths. The band promotes itself as an Americana band “from the hills of Tennessee.”

For fans approaching the Jackillacs for the first time, check out “Naughty Girl,” “Sad Song,” “I Wrote You a Song” or “Love Is Strange.” All of them really encapsulates what the band is all about. As much as Bill’s voice hits home in the context of the chill tempos of the Jackillacs, it might not be for everyone.

The Jackillacs have all of the traits of a classic Southern Americana band, though one drawback of Many Hats is the album’s lack of variety.

Many Hats is available now on Spotify. Try it on for size, and check out the band’s previous release: We Are the Jackillacs. For more information on the Jackillacs, visit