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SXSW is approaching fast and Highlark Magazine is gearing up to head out to the music festival filled week again this year. With an extensive artist exhibition roster; we decided to narrow down the lengthy list and ask our staff who they’re excited to see on the list this year. Here’s some talent they’re referring and some 10-second reasons why:


XSW is a dream, at least for someone like me. I’m still waiting for a publication to hand me that press pass. I’d love to write from the center of all the action. Until then, I’ll have to manage on the edge of the bubble. Highlark Magazine is one of the affiliate publications I write for occasionally, although I haven’t landed a piece there in a little while – no problem there. They’ve been very good to me and featured quite a few of my articles, all of which are listed on my own Highlark author page.

After a couple of months away from Highlark, I was super excited to find an email from the editor requesting staff picks on “must-see” artists coming to SXSW 2019.

To check out the full list of staff picks, visit the post on SXSW 2019 Artists to Watch: Our staffs 10 second thoughts » Highlark

White Denim

“White Denim brings so many other great flavors to rock n’ roll. They are experts at creating catchy, melodic tunes that are completely out of this world. With a dash of funk and a whole lot of attitude, they always draw a crowd.” – Jordan

Luke Laird

“Luke Laird is one of the most prolific country/pop songwriters in the nation. “The numbers are staggering: 23 Billboard No. 1 hits, two Billboard No. 1 singles as a producer, 38 radio singles––24 of which have hit the Top 5––and more than 100 album cuts fill his catalog. ” Luke is a very humble professional who can easily be considered one of Nashville’s finest.” – Jordan

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“Without a doubt, one of the next big stars of melodic R&B. ‘Honesty’ was one of the first tracks I came across for the artist and I haven’t been able to stop listening to his soulful croons since.”– JEANETTE


“The Mystery Lights have an undeniably infectious energy about them onstage. They make damn-good psychedelic garage rock, and they’re having a great time and want you to have a great time too.” – SAM


“Aries, who began as a YouTube personality, now sings, writes, and produces his own music. He brings life and a modern twist to rap and hip hop culture in the music he recently released in 2018.” – SAGE


“This Bristol based trio offers a sound that is that finds harmony between being soulful and dance. Katy Sargent’s rich and decadent vocals offer a soulful tone that spills atop multilayered synths, beats and melodic broodings.” – BRIAN

To check out the full list of staff picks, visit the post on SXSW 2019 Artists to Watch: Our staffs 10 second thoughts » Highlark