Album Review: ‘The Red Mist’ by Eye on the Sky


To Hell with a Battering Ram


repare for things to get a little rough. Eye on the Sky busted open the door using the only weapon on hand, and it wasn’t a battering ram. The sludge-metal band made a statement with its record The Red Mist, released in December 2018. As the name implies, it’s a no-nonsense project. Though only a three-piece band, Eye on the Sky sure knows how to pack a punch. The Red Mist came, the door fell down, and we think the whole foundation crumbled with it. This is what metal is all about!

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Good metal bands are a dime a dozen in Middle Tennessee. The Red Mist is the only metal album to keep hold of my attention from “front to back”, as they say.

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Eye On The Sky: Heath Overbey (Bass/Vocals), Matt “Seven” Jones (Guitar/Vocals), and Alex O’Neill (Drums/Vocals)

Guest vocals on ‘Let Them Fall’ by Joseph Lampley

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