“Ricky Martini Brings Back Walnut House as Murfreesboro Recording Studio and Concert Venue”


A New Rome

“There once was a dream that was Rome. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish.”


icky Martini is a music industry veteran who is in the process of brushing the dust off The Walnut House, a former appliance store that was re-purposed into a recording studio in the 90s. It housed a bustling music scene back in the day, and Martini is keeping the roof from falling by hosting a series of concerts and other live events.

Here’s an excerpt from The Murfreesboro Pulse:

The Walnut House has entered its next chapter. Its future is now in the hands of Ricky Martini, an experienced tour production manager who is in the process of turning the building into an event venue. Martini’s vision to breathe new life into Murfreesboro’s music scene will continue throughout the month of March with an exciting series of concerts.

Martini, who has 35 years of professional touring experience, now focuses his energy closer to home. Cutting-edge projection mapping, an Apogee speaker rig, a Midas mixing console and a versatile lighting system are just a few of the new additions he installed at The Walnut House. Martini settles for nothing short of superb when it comes to securing the best equipment for the job.

Read the full article on The Murfreesboro Pulse: https://bit.ly/2VRMq3h

To learn more, visit walnuthousemurfreesboro.com

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