The Captivating Creators Podcast | Episode 1: Austin Lanning


“Behind every piece of art is an impactful story.”

Jaylene Hall


aylene Hall is an artist, actress, and model who took it upon herself to capture inspiring backstories from like-minded talent. The weight of struggle and desire for success is an ongoing battle that every artist experiences, but it isn’t always for the worst. Jaylene is the host of Captivating Creators, and in her eyes, every creator has a powerful story to tell.

Episode 1: Austin Lanning


Jaylene Hall/ Guest: Austin Lanning
Guest Speaker, Austin Lanning, shares how fighting through pain led him to finding his purpose.

Episode Recap

“You’re going to run out of love songs,” says Austin Lanning.

Running out of love songs is a tragedy I wouldn’t even wish upon Shakespeare.

As an artist, have you ever completely lost yourself because you became too rooted in your craft? Do you feed the itch to create by scribbling couplets on spare scraps of paper? What if you woke up without your art? Would you still be the same person? Could you survive?

I definitely hope so.

Lanning makes a really interesting point in this episode. As artists, we’re notorious for investing more than we can afford in our craft. He understands the value of learning how to tower above the crowd without stilts. Believe me, you’ll grit your teeth every step of the way and love it.

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