Popular Guides for Novice Vinyl Record Collectors

Building a vinyl record collection is easy; buy what you like and just enjoy them. I get common questions from close friends and peers about record players and how to take care of vinyl records. It’s nothing too complicated, but it’s a little overwhelming at first. So, I compiled a small list of 3 guides that I think are perfect for newbies.

I started building a record collection not knowing exactly what I was doing. There were a bunch of unanswered questions like…

  • What do I buy?
  • Where do I go?
  • What does this do?
  • How does this work?
  • How much should I pay?
  • What is a stylus?

..and so on.

I picked up a framed copy of Californication in a trade and was really intrigued off the bat. Maybe it was the novelty of it. Or maybe because music literally felt fragile and precious in a tangible form like noting else I’ve ever carried. One thing’s for sure, when the needle hit the groove, I was hooked.

What kind of record player should I buy?

After buying vinyl records and expanding my vertical collage, I’ve become a well-versed scholar in the ancient art of turntablism. If you’re new to vinyl, you’re in luck. In this post, I discuss how to find the perfect record player for your needs: How to Find a Good Record Player

How do I clean my vinyl records?

If you want to learn how to prolong the livelihood of your record collection, dig no further. I have a few solid tips on how to revitalize your cherished music medium: How to Clean, Restore, and Maintain Vinyl Records

Is there a way to transfer music from vinyl records to my computer?

Yes! In this post, I lay out a simple guide on how to record vinyl records with a computer for MP3 or WAV conversion: How to Digitize Your Vinyl Record Collection

Additional posts and resources can be found by visiting Tips -> Vinyl

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