Album Review: Aye Mammoth – ‘Birth of a New Fire’


Aye Mammoth recently released a concept EP called Birth of a New Fire. The Murfreesboro metal sludge trio has produced a sizable output of material over the pat few years, including last year’s Starless Midnight, centered around ominous doom and apocalyptic themes. Birth of a New Fire represents the band’s admirable attempt at making subtle creative transitions towards a more melodic rock sound.

The three puppeteers pulling the strings are Micah Loyed, Paul Haggard and Phil Stem, citing influences including rock ’n’ roll classics like Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy. With Haggard on bass and Stem on drums, Loyed serves as the lead vocalist and guitarist, and also fills in the blanks with synths when the need arises.

Aye Mammoth’s Beasts Infernal and Starless Midnight both feature solid sludge grooves. Birth of a New Fire doesn’t quite match the quality, but if you want to check out something powerful, dangerously feral and deliciously abrasive, give Aye Mammoth a listen.

Published in The Murfreesboro Pulse

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