Big V of Nappy Roots: Father, Youth Arts Philanthropist, Multi-Platinum Rapper


Last month, The Murfreesboro Pulse helped me get in touch with Taiisha Bradley, the organizer of an upcoming Hot Chicken and Art Showcase featuring a mix of artists, food, and special guests…including Big V of Nappy Roots!

Big V to Participate in April 12 Rutherford County Hot Chicken and Art Showcase

Published in The Murfreesboro Pulse

On Friday, April 12, from 6 to 11 p.m., the Rutherford County Hot Chicken and Art Showcase will offer a rich blend of art, food and hands-on experiences at The Gateway Village on Thompson Lane.

This special showcase will feature a tasteful collection of festivities amidst displays of art designed by a dozen gifted visual artists. An exciting lineup of special guests has been invited to make exclusive appearances.

Priorities changed after Vito left Nappy Roots. Today, he’s a proud family man who wants to empower younger generations to make wise life decisions.

Tisdale drops beautiful nuggets of life advice by the dime, telling people things like, “It’s so easy to smile but a lot harder to frown.” V pushes kids to find a good focus, hold it tight and never let go.

To claim free tickets for the event and for more information about vendors, guests and featured artists, visit This event is free, but RSVP is required. All ages welcome.

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