Hello Boro Fondo!

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On April 19, Boro Fondo will kick off its seventh festival. The bike tour brings a colorful community of cyclists together to experience local music and art. Throughout the festival, participating cyclists get to witness a series of electrifying live performances from some of the best bands in Murfreesboro.

A bike tour around the city sounds pretty great; a bike tour music festival sounds even better. I keep hearing the sounds are worth the trouble. I hardly consider a bike ride “trouble”. In fact, Boro Fondo takes the casual bike ride around the block and turns it into a day-long trek around Murfreesboro. Read on for more details!

Boro Fondo Returns for Packed Weekend of Bands and Bikes

Published in The Murfreesboro Pulse

Passionate folks from all over the region gather to bask in the glow of great bands and talented artists under the Tennessee sun and in venues throughout Murfreesboro. Grab your wheels and get weird!

The main bike ride begins on Saturday, April 20, at The Green Dragon, but everyone is encouraged to get a head start at the pre-show. On Friday, April 19, at 6 p.m., Media Rerun will host a concert featuring The Vamptones, The Down Squad, The Strumms, Death Card and El Escapado. The event is free for all ages, though donations will be accepted to raise funds for next year’s Boro Fondo festival.

Over 60 different bands and musicians are scheduled to perform during the weekend. Still Satellite, Knuckle Dragger, Aye Mammoth, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Jamie O’Neal, Antler Hopkins, Neptune the Mystic and many others belong to a seemingly endless lineup. There’ll be plenty of bands to hear and a ton of art to see, and best of all, this community music and arts festival is completely free to the public.

For more details about the lineup and festival schedule, visit borofondofest.org or facebook.com/borofondofestival

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