A.T. Branch: Nashville’s New Blue Suede Soldier

A. T. Branch, Detroit born, Nashville-based, up and coming artist, performs a live studio acoustic performance of his original song, “Wrong,” (co-written with Joey Ebach) accompanied by Aubrey Shamel and Abigail Johnson.

A.T. Branch is a rising alternative/R&B artist from Detroit, MI. He slid into Nashville after 8 years of active military service, and now he’s working on a brand new EP. There are countless alleyways to consider on the road to stardom, but he found his own yellow bricks to follow instead.

Caramelized heartburn makes for a sweet inferno, and Branch’s songs burn like he’s been at it for years. Most of his music is related to heartache in one way or another. The big question is, where did all this come from? This “church boy” fell through seven levels of rock n’ roll and walked out like Dante with a pair of blue suede shoes. He calls his journey of music discovery “rock puberty”.

Motown, gospel, and rock n’ roll is the holy trinity that keeps his wheels turning. Where will they take him next?

Follow him to find out: https://www.atbranch.com/music