Record Store Day 2019: Celebrating Music Ownership and the Culture of Collecting


We’re just a couple days from the twelfth annual Record Store Day!

On Saturday April 13, 2019 waves of independent record stores worldwide will celebrate the most traditional way to listen to recorded music – the vinyl record.

Record Store Day invites music junkies to appreciate one of the most beloved cultural pillars of the music industry. It’s a day full of exclusive releases, limited edition pressings, live performances, contests, giveaways, and just about everything in between. The festivities take place between rows of countless record shelves all over the globe.

Say Hello to the Crosley RSD3 Mini-Turntable, a Record Store Day Exclusive!

Okay, first I have to open this post by talking about this hip mini-turntable by Crosley! The RSD3 Mini-Turntable is a Record Store Day exclusive sold at participating stores. It’s a belt-driven platter that runs on USB or batteries; plus, it features the AT-3600 moving magnet cartridge, a reliable pre-mounted cartridge found on many different turntables out of the box. The on-board speaker, pitch slider, and dust cover are nifty little bonuses. Lastly, there’s an included aux to RCA adapter for when you’re ready to pair the RSD3 with your favorite speakers.

The RSD3 Mini-Turntable only plays 3″ records. Bundled in, you get a 3″ copy of Foo Fighters “Big Me”.

Other 3″ Releases

KYU SAKAMOTO “Sukiyaki” 3″ RSD3 Single (initial 1000 copies)

Kyu Sakamoto - Sukiyaki

EPITAPH RECORDS BLIND BOX SERIES RSD3 Single (initial 1000 copies)

Epitaph Records Blind Box

THIRD MAN RECORDS BLIND BOX SERIES RSD3 Single (initial 2000 copies)

Third Man Records Blind Box

For more information, visit

Dig in, but don’t let your speakers drown the sound of the beating heart of Record Store Day – the independent record stores. Participating stores play a significant role in generating monumental physical music sales. Take a closer look at the stats.

Music sales increase during Record Store Day in the U.S. 2011-2018

Courtesy of Statista

The timeline shows the increase in sales at independent record stores during the week of Record Store Day in the United States from 2011 to 2018. 

Increases in sales grew to staggering percentages, with 2016 being the first year sales reached above a 100% increase. Last year, sales shot up 200% during the week of Record Store Day.

More specifically, Record Store Day is encouraging people to buy physical albums in a world where streaming takes up at least 75% of music industry revenue.

Music Ownership

In a previous post, I briefly discussed a few reasons why I love vinyl records

  • Ownership
  • Feel
  • Warmth
  • Ritual

We’re going to talk about the first bullet on that list, because it’s directly related to Record Store Day and the holiday’s impact on the music industry.

There’s nothing better than owning your favorite album on vinyl. The tangible joy of feeling the texture of the record sleeve is only the beginning. Then you watch the needle drop on the edge of the groove and listen to the opening pops and crackles. It’s like watching Neil Armstrong take his first few steps on the moon. It’s getting harder to healthy rituals that don’t involve scrolling through a bottomless playlist these days.

Music ownership is, unfortunately, becoming incredibly rare, especially when you take streaming into account. Whether it’s good or bad just depends on how you look at it. From the blue corner, people argue about how little recording artists get paid per stream. The red corner is pro-innovation and believes streaming is just a useful bi-product of the forward motion of media and technology. Then, there are a bunch of folks who could probably care less. Regardless, most everyone agrees that it’s changing the structure of the music industry in a way that’s worth noticing. It’s also changing what we expect as consumers, whether we realize it or not.

As general consumers, we’re conditioned into expecting as much as possible in little time with little hassle. We’re shockingly “here and now”. In turn, companies keep aiming for convenience and practicality to feed the demand. This pattern is similar to the way in which consumers prefer the convenience of music streaming services instead of buying physical albums.

The bottom line is…

Buy More Records! Own It!

how to sample vinyl records for music production

Music ownership is a big part of being a fan, and collecting vinyl records is the essence of music ownership. Record Store Day is a great way to go out and buy music! Put it on your shelf and just be proud of it!

Record Store Day presents an opportunity to support artists, independent shops, and the industry at large! To see a list of participating record stores, visit

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