Music journalist who writes for various publications and professionals; artists, labels, brands, websites, blogs, magazines, venues, & more. 


75ee2e92e50fca2789c27d564dc23702I’m a producer, audio engineer, writer, and proud graduate of Middle Tennessee’s recording industry management program. I started this blog to share my perspective of the music industry and build a professional portfolio in the process. You’ll find a lot of different posts on various subjects as well as snippets from some of my published work.

My background in audio production gives me a unique perspective as a music journalist. Paired with a passion for different branches of the music industry, I’m ready to offer fresh and unique content for your brand or publication.

I write every day to keep the blog fresh with reviews, opinion pieces, guides, feature stories, and an even a monthly playlist. When I’m not juggling work for other publications, you’ll find me in my office studio doing production work, listening to records, or spending time with my loyal team of family.

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