Author: Jordan Hall

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Why It’s Important to Make Music for Yourself Above All

There is truly so much noise in the music industry today, and it’s hard not to drown in the sea of competition. There are so many insanely talented and hardworking artists out there trying to “make it” . Instead many artists are trying to navigate an undefinable path and follow cookie-cutter templates of success. You have to make music, love what you do, and stick to your guns. There is no secret. 

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Good Words from Pulse Publisher, Bracken Mayo

Jordan Hall possesses a great passion for music, and a desire to continue to learn more and more about journalism, media, culture and freelance writing opportunities and techniques. He has shown he is willing to improve and polish his writing and I am sure he will continue to develop his craft. I am glad to have him involved in the Murfreesboro Pulse and am excited about what he can contribute to the upcoming editions of the Pulse.

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Sinnober Discusses Songwriting, Creative Habits, and "Angels of Fire and Snow"

Sinnober Discusses Songwriting, Creative Habits, and “Angels of Fire and Snow”

What do you love most about creating and sharing music?

SB: I love all the different phases of writing, performing, recording & engineering. We also occasionally get lovely personal messages from people who have been moved by our songs and that’s always deeply fulfilling.

NB: I love the studio hysteria that kicks in when you’re collaborating with other musicians! We laugh till we cry.