Calvin Rose

Recently, rapper Calvin Rose hosted a special artist showcase alongside female R&B singer, Rose M, at Media Re-Run. The humble media shop was the backdrop for various local musicians and dancers. The show aimed to promote local talent and also build support for a victim of the Waffle House shooting that took place in Antioch this past April. Rose and Calvin performed in front of an audience of family, friends, and fans old and new. The duo has their sights set on the horizon and hopes to make an impact that reaches far beyond the music community.

Calvin Rose is a hip-hop artist on the road to making a name for himself. By the sound of it, he’s well on his way and will take nothing less. Throwing wordplay together came naturally, and he dismissed his talent up until he turned 14. Since then, Calvin has sprouted into a methodical songwriter at heart. He is on his way upstream to make a big splash that will reach every corner of Music City and abroad.

Calvin is scouting opportunities to play shows and plans to release some new singles along the way. He constructs his live shows with pieces from his most recent studio album, So What’s Next. The album released in 2015 and his followers have been scorching their feet on his trail, anticipating his next move and following his budding career.

Rose M stood back to back with Calvin on stage, sharing the spotlight. Rose is a gifted R&B singer on the edge of breaking into a genre that’s scarcely touched locally, which makes her a rarity. Her unique style is crisp and refreshing with a nod to soulful 90s R&B. She is a preacher’s daughter at heart who began sharpening her stage presence in youth choir. Rose’s church life and relationship with God continues to mold her musical message with a guiding hand.

Calvin is featured on her single, “Can We Be”. It’s a song with great production, smooth vocals, and rapid-fire verses from a rising hip-hop underdog. Both bring something to the table without shadowing each other’s styles. Rose and Calvin are gifted songwriters and performers. Rose is a singer with a tender heart, and Calvin is a hardened rapper with an ambitious mind. Together, the pair is a creative powerhouse who knows how to write great songs and inspire a crowd.

Rose and Calvin are currently in the process of building their own personal studios and planning for their musical journeys ahead. At the heart of their artistry they aim to make great music, express themselves, and share their story. Both artists plan to release new material and perform live in the coming months.

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