Jackson Bruck & The Dukes of Hume Release New Single, “Right Where I Want You”

Jackson Bruck & The Dukes of Hume are coasting on a hot trail of success this year and are rounding it off with their new single, “Right Where I Want You”. The Nashville rock group was crowned Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem contest winners and were chosen to take the stage at Live on The Green 2018. In wake of their new single, new material and live shows are bundled with the turn of 2019 and beyond.


Jackson Bruck: Lead Vox & Rhythm Guitar
Jacy Bruck: Backing Vocals
Corky Clouse: Lead Guitar
Henry Long: Keys
Sten Nisswandt: Drums
Chris Shuff: Bass & Backing Vocals

Meet The Dukes of Hume

Jackson and Jacy Bruck are siblings who grew up under a roof of rock n’ roll. “Jackson and I were raised on classic rock and knew the words to ‘Born in the USA’ before we knew how to read,” Jacy says. “Our dad is a songwriter and our mom grew up in theatre, so music and performance were always encouraged in our household.” The band’s warm love for classic rock is a joint stockpile of inspiration that influences the way they write and perform. “Right Where I Want You” blends bright pop with the instrumental spirit of rock anthems loved and known for generations.


“Jace, I think I wrote something special you gotta hear” – Jackson Bruck

Jackson wrote the song earlier this year, and the band recorded it at Sound Shelter in Franklin, TN. The production and engineering credits belong to Tres Sasser and Joe Costa, who are both working with the band on their next EP.  Jacy says, “They have a special way of making our vision come to life and capturing an old school sound in a modern world.” The description couldn’t be more accurate.

The Sound Shelter was at one time a shelter for people who had fallen on hard times and needed a temporary place to stay. We took that idea of independence and vision and applied it to the music we help record and create. – thesoundshelter.com

Giving recording artists a microphone close to home is what Sound Shelter is all about. After 8 months of renovating a former homeless shelter, the studio quickly became a cozy haven for artists to record. “Right Where I Want You” is a splash. Sound Shelter helped the band capture the sonic glory of rock records from the old days while staying true to their style of soulful, southern pop.

Lightning 100 Music City Mayhem Champions


“Our goals that night were to put on a hell of a show and to show the crowd who the Dukes of Hume really are.” – Jacy Bruck

Imagine what it might feel like to tower over a massive crowd alongside a band you could easily call family. You’re all worn from the road, but at the turn of the night, you finally realize all of the hard work was worth it; the callused fingers start to feel good.

The Dukes of Hume probably shared a similar thought or two when they carried home the gold from Lighting 100’s Music Mayhem. Before winning the live showdown, they managed to stay in the running against 32 bands, not to mention being chosen to compete out of the hundreds that entered.

The event attracted a lot of eyes and ears to The Dukes of Hume. They stunned everyone at Live on the Green 2018 and plan to make an appearance at Nashville’s Let Freedom Sing festival next Fourth of July. With such a rapidly growing fan base, The Dukes of Hume we’ll probably start hearing them reach outside the borders of ‘Music City’ in no time.

Fair warning: it’s gonna get loud.

What’s Next?

The Dukes of Hume are throwing a release show for “Right Where I Want You”
on November 15th at Nashville’s True Music Room and Bar. There’s a lineup of releases on the list for 2019, including their second EP and a fresh LP.

“Right Where I Want You” is now available on Apple Music and Spotify.

In the meantime, enjoy their new single and stay hot on the trail.