Love Learning Music

Love Learning Music Wants to Provide Youth with a Wealth of Musical Opportunities


Love Learning Music, a growing nonprofit organization, aims to benefit children in the Middle Tennessee region. The organization uses music to educate, inspire and create opportunities for youth. Founder John Bosworth fuels Love Learning Music, or “LLM,” with his passion for music and teaching. His creative vision has grown into a beneficial offering for young boys and girls. Love Learning Music is a wholesome opportunity for youth to learn the fundamentals of music from a balanced curriculum.

Love Learning Music offers a wide range of services and programs to community centers, churches, schools and clubs. Some of the offerings include teaching services, private lessons and resource provision and development. The organization has a team of experienced instructors who deliver professional guidance and knowledge to LLM students, while making learning music fun! Their goal is to provide a nurturing atmosphere in which children can explore what making music is all about.

One of the revolutionary pillars of Love Learning Music is music therapy. This practice is geared towards children with mental or physical impairments. The LLM music therapy program is an interactive music teaching method that helps children on cognitive, social, emotional, and physical levels. It also builds good communication skills and emotional support. Musical therapy is a way to strengthen areas that need attention, and LLM is devoted to using music education to help children in need.

John Bosworth, founder and CEO, is an MTSU graduate who loves helping people better their lives in any way he can. The inspiration behind Love Learning Music began in his teens and remains an ongoing mission. After realizing his life goal, he spent years building the curriculum that eventually flourished into an organization that is changing lives and benefiting everyone involved. On the surface, it’s a nonprofit that fills the need for music in young lives. Beyond that, LLM aspires to enable instructors, volunteers and partners to contribute to a thriving educational community that empowers everyone to make positive changes.

Love Learning Music uses five main avenues for positive impact with youth:

– Private Lessons & Music Therapy
– Teaching Services
– Resource Provision
– Resource Development
– Changing Culture

Vision statement: “Youth are our future; with passion, education, and revolutionary resources, we will give all youth the opportunities to discover their love for learning and pursue their passions.”

Love Learning Music encourages community involvement. If you or your child is interested in what LLM has to offer, visit for more information. LLM also seeks to build partnerships with other appropriate businesses and organizations.

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Source: Murfreesboro Pulse