Skylar Gregg

Time Machine


Southern blues rocker Skylar Gregg has stepped up to the plate this summer with her release of Time Machine, her sophomore release full of young-hearted southern rock with rugged, traditional country edges. Every song carries the soul of a gritty blues heroine in love with the bittersweet nostalgia of growing up. The album is a walking, breathing patchwork of rocking countryside blues powered by Gregg’s throbbing heart and soul.

Skylar Gregg is an artist who may have actually stumbled right out of a time machine herself. She was cradled in the arms of the different genres and styles known to Tennessee in years past. After picking up the guitar at a young age, she said she soon began trading stories with the crowd of pickers.

Time Machine opens with a title track written alongside Gregg’s father. The entirety of the album recounts the struggles and triumphs of being young with a reflective contemplation. There is no shortage of charm on the seven-track album. Gregg’s songcraft on Time Machine explores many very relatable themes, and each song demonstrates a different feel and tempo. Everyone can take away a favorite song from Time Machine.

The album is produced and mixed exceptionally well by Taylor Lonardo, who also plays bass on the record. The quality is professional enough to trade blows with releases from major-label artists. The background vocals add even more depth to Gregg’s strong vocal presence, and Joey Fletcher and Joel Gage on guitar and Matt Heller on drums round out the very capable band.

There’s no question that Gregg is talented, however soulful country/blues/rock has been overcooked in Middle Tennessee’s music scene. Gregg may need to expand her arsenal to truly differentiate herself from the overwhelming tide of blues, rock and country artists.

Nevertheless, she deserves a spotlight for the good work she’s done on this polished and powerful package of tunes.

Skylar Gregg plans to re-release the up-tempo rocker “Bye Bye Love” this October with a horror-themed music video to tag alongside it. She’s also gearing up for the studio and says she will begin working on her next album next spring. In the meantime, fans can see Gregg live on Aug. 17 at Radio Cafe in Nashville, or during a two-night appearance in Memphis on Sept. 27 and 28.

Time Machine is ready to purchase on iTunes. Get to know more about Skylar Gregg by visiting

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